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Heart & Hope Musical Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to promoting love, healing, and transformation through our interactive musical programs with special concern for poor and vulnerable people, such as the frail and elderly, the sick and injured, or those who are emotionally troubled.

We enhance the quality of life of those we encounter and share our music, time and energy in a compassionate, attentive and nurturing way.

Specially selected music and a bit of humor give comfort, encouragement, and emotional support to the frail and elderly and to ALL who hear it without regard for race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or financial status.

We honor many musical traditions and have lots of fun sharing folk songs, jazz standards, old time favorites, humorous hits, patriotic songs, interfaith spirituals, and special holiday songs. We offer  a well designed interactive program of  music that is positive, uplifting, and inspiring.

We encourage singing, dancing and movement,  playing “instruments” and sharing the connections “sparked” by our program.

We travel to and serve at Adult Foster Care Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Retirement Centers, Nursing Homes, and other Elder Care settings throughout the Rogue Valley.


Our desire is to extend this charitable work to all of Southern Oregon (and perhaps beyond) by educating, training and  hiring therapists, facilitators, performers and volunteers to utilize our proven, life-enriching musical program thereby raising the consciousness of our community to the value of music as therapy in service.

Words of Appreciation

“Hi, I’m Jennalee and I work in the Activities Department of Skylark Assisted Living Memory Care Unit. Heart and Hope Ministries comes into our community every Monday to play music and enrich the lives of our residents, and I must say that it is always one of the brightest parts of my week. The therapeutic effects of music, and power of the kindness and positive energy that Heart and Hope’s volunteers radiate never ceases to amaze me. People with memory disorders who have issues remembering many other things always remember the Heart and Hope crew. People who are normally reserved will sing and dance and those who are agitated or anxious always feel soothed and calmed. During the slow, relaxing tunes some people will nod off into a nap and wake up a few moments later with a smile, ready to sing along to the next song. The smiles on their faces are genuine and the happiness lasts throughout the day. In the evening I always can hear the residents and staff humming or whistling a tune from the show hours earlier. It reminds me of the simple things in life that are deeply engrained within us and bring joy no matter our age or ability.

The volunteers of Heart and Hope Ministries are wonderful people who are kind, warm and generous. They remember all the residents’ names and favorite songs, and always have many kind words and smiles for everyone. I believe they improve and enrich the lives of everyone their paths cross, and I highly recommend their services to anyone, even if only for the simple pleasure of listening to a classic, lovely song played beautifully. Thank you to everyone at Heart and Hope for all that you do!”

Jennalee ~ Skylark Assisted Living Memory Care Unit