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Heart & Hope Musical Ministries is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization devoted to promoting love, healing, and transformation through our interactive musical programs with special concern for poor and vulnerable people, such as the frail and elderly, the sick and injured, or those who are emotionally troubled.

We enhance the quality of life of those we encounter and share our music, time and energy in a compassionate, attentive and nurturing way.

Specially selected music and a bit of humor give comfort, encouragement, and emotional support to the frail and elderly and to ALL who hear it without regard for race, religion, gender, ethnicity, or financial status.

We honor many musical traditions and have lots of fun sharing folk songs, jazz standards, old time favorites, humorous hits, patriotic songs, interfaith spirituals, and special holiday songs. We offer  a well designed interactive program of  music that is positive, uplifting, and inspiring.

We encourage singing, dancing and movement,  playing “instruments” and sharing the connections “sparked” by our program.

We travel to and serve at Adult Foster Care Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, Retirement Centers, Nursing Homes, and other Elder Care settings throughout the Rogue Valley.


Our desire is to extend this charitable work to all of Southern Oregon (and perhaps beyond) by educating, training and  hiring therapists, facilitators, performers and volunteers to utilize our proven, life-enriching musical program thereby raising the consciousness of our community to the value of music as therapy in service.

Words of Appreciation

“I was so thrilled to see you there with all of your bells and whistles. My dad has lived there since January. I apologize for any rude behavior he may have targeted you with. He’s a bit moody these days. He’s the grumpy one named Doug who is missing most of his fingers on one hand. I came by one time and Dad was actually enjoying himself with some small bell ringing. It was a joy for me to witness. Thank you so much for taking the time to come to Jackson House. It really meant so much to me to see such a happy expression on my dad’s face. You are an unsung hero.

Mike and I have thought about you often and have wondered where you had disappeared. Ran into you some time ago around our neighborhood in Talent. You were quite happy at the time with one of your kids’ accomplishments at med school. If this gives you an idea of how long ago it’s been.

But the real reason I am hoping this message gets to you is about your quiet and loyal servitude with the Elders in your community. Thank you so much for making my dad smile. Thank you for giving my dad something to whine about. He never has been an easy one to please so don’t take his complaining, if that is the mood he is in that day, too personally. Thank you Donny, for being such a giving man.”

Stacey Kearns ~ Jackson House Assisted Living Talent, OR