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Director’s Thoughts:

Many societal challenges are happening right now. I am sending out prayers for you and everyone’s survival as well as for healing of our country and world. I also would like to address two of them:

Black Lives Matter Movement:

We at Heart and Hope Music commit to making every effort to confront racism that we encounter, and we will actively work towards diversity representation on our board and facilitators crew as well as continue to offer diversity in our music selection. We also would like to thank black musicians for their contributions to the musical landscape. We would like to share a new video by the Fort Worth, Texas raised R&B singer and producer Leon Bridges, that encapsulates the tenor of the times through his words: “Why do I fear with skin dark as night? / Can’t feel peace with those judging eyes,”


Due to the virus and the subsequent shutting down of nursing homes to outside entertainers, we are creating an online program to add to our repertoire. It will be the same therapeutic program facilitated virtually and as interactively as possible. We have created a fundraising campaign to meet the needs of the new program. To learn about the program and to donate, go to: Learn about the program, and donate.

Please take good care of yourself and your families during this crucial time. We will be thinking of you.

Thanks, Peace, and Love,
Donny Roze, Executive Director, and the Board of Directors
Heart and Hope Musical Ministries

Heart and Hope Music offers a unique, therapeutic, life-enriching musical program of love, hope, comfort, humor and healing.  Enhancing the quality of life for vulnerable people, elders and those with special needs. We devote our time and energy in a compassionate, attentive and nurturing way, without regard for race, religion, ethnicity or financial status.

Our program is interactive, inclusive, uplifting, and inspiring. We travel to Adult Foster Care Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes and the like. We also educate, strengthen and give comfort to caregivers and family members of the elders we serve.

Health Benefits of Music

Many studies have shown that the specialized use of music improves memory, awareness and the integration of learning styles. Positive changes in mood and emotional states are noted. Therapeutic music is beneficial and recommended for many mental and physical disorders.

Recent News

Facility Lost

One of the senior living centers where we facilitate music sessions, Northridge Center Assisted Living Facility, was destroyed in the recent wildfires. This article references them.

They had 20 minutes […]